Pineapple Support Continues Corporate Training Initiative

Pineapple Support is continuing its Corporate Training Initiative with a new online session to help staff at individual companies provide better support to performers in crisis.

The session will be led by therapist Nicki Line Wednesday at 10 a.m. (PDT).

The first session of the initiative, led by licensed mental health counselor Rachael Wells, was designed to help employees recognize performers in crisis; the new session covers the next steps employees should take.

“If you identify a performer that is in crisis, this course will equip you with a better understanding of the different interventions for various situations and the resources you can provide in order to help,” Line said. “I’ll also be available to participants after the session, who can contact me directly with any specific cases or questions via email and social media.”

Sessions within the Corporate Training Initiative are available exclusively to the employees of companies that sponsor Pineapple Support. The interactive training will take place every two months and will be available to rewatch on a password-protected website.

“We’re eager to continue to build a stronger support network for industry workers,” said Pineapple Support founder Leya Tanit. “In order to avoid more tragic losses in the adult industry, we need to teach the employees who work directly with performers how to provide effective crisis support. It’s essential that we learn how to navigate these types of conversations when someone is in need. We’re already planning to invite participants to gather and talk about the issues they’ve faced on their platforms so that we can better learn from each other.”

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