The Gift Of Fear – A Poem

The gift of Fear
Is protection
What lies beneath Fear
Masked below Fear
Is deep, powerful Wisdom.
That is what comes
When we meet Fear
Without Fear.
Written by Liza Belle

Pondering Modern Life – A Poem

Am I old fashioned
For wanting to date one person at a time
Without wondering how many other people they’re seeing
At the same time?
Am I old fashioned
For wanting to feel special?
For wanting to feel seen?
For wanting to feel safe?
written by Liza Belle

The Beauty Of Consent – A Poem

and with consent
she bloomed

instead of forcing
she felt inside

she asked permission of herself
she became intimate with her deepest needs

with consent
she softened

instead of pushing
she offered

she sat,

awaiting a response


and she listened
and respected

with consent she relaxed
and let go

and instead of feeling violated
by herself

she was wrapped
in the warm glow of safety
she was cocooned in love
and light

nestled amongst the petals

held in safety
held in love

a portrait of the delicacy
of consent

she dozed
in the afternoon sun

in the knowledge that she was safe
would always be safe
with herself

she had permission to be
permission to respect her limits
permission to fulfil her needs

she had permission to rest
she had consent

at last


by Eliza

Instagram @transmuting.through.words