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Pineapple Support Welcomes Shirley Lara as Company Treasurer

Pineapple Support, the industry’s leading mental health non-profit, welcomes Shirley Lara, COO of Chaturbate, as Company Treasurer. Chaturbate has been a major sponsor of Pineapple Support since 2019, and has been active in partnering with the organization on initiatives to support adult industry workers. “I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of Pineapple Support in […]

Understanding You

Sometimes we all have to stop for a moment and remember that the world is full of other people. We do not exist alone. The pandemic has forced some people into a world of isolation and loneliness which the world hasn’t seen for a very long time. The more time we spend on our own […]

Pineapple Support Unveils New Initiatives in Latin America

Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health nonprofit, is increasing its support for Spanish-speaking performers in Latin America with a free, drop-in support group, as well as the appointment of a localized Community Liaison Officer. The monthly, drop-in support group, “WeCamToo Support Group,” will provide emotional support to webcam models and other sex workers […]

Camming, Performing and living with Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses are conditions that are discussed by many, and yet somehow also overlooked and misunderstood. Emotional and mental health are often forgotten as part of the treatment when someone lives with a chronic illness, yet it is one of the most impactful supports on someone’s health trajectory. Additionally, when there is a present mental […]

Stoptober Fundraising – Join The Band Wagon

Firstly, I would like to put forward a huge congrats to the wonderful and amazing Leya Tanit. Her current fund raiser (although not unique) absolutely deserves your support. It’s nearing the end but also the time to join with the congratulations and show your appreciation by donating to an incredibly important cause. October began with […]

When is Collaboration Better Than Competing?

The answer is most likely, always! Unless you are directly competing your skills against another for the purposes of sport or suchlike, we always make more progress when we work together. Sharing skills and knowledge in our everyday lives is so important to our evolution. Throughout the ages, major breakthroughs have come about because an […]

The Beauty of Being You

Of all the things happening in the world every, single day, the one feature you should always be able to rely upon is yourself. You are the constant in this ever-changing landscape and without a doubt the best opportunity you have for self-improvement. When you spend much of your time in front of a camera, […]

Sliquid Joins Pineapple Support As Supporter-Level Sponsor

Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health nonprofit, is pleased to welcome Sliquid as a supporter-level sponsor. The natural, intimate wellness brand joins over sixty adult businesses and organizations in committing funds and resources to the organization. “We were absolutely thrilled when Pineapple Support reached out to us about a possible sponsorship,” says Dean […]

The Real Benefits of Therapy

For some people ‘Therapy’ is a dirty word and they envisage Freudian types charging the earth and promoting the need for repeat visits. However, anyone who engages with a Pineapple therapist may just tell you “They saved my life”. Pineapple Support have put almost 1500 individuals in touch with a therapist for on-on-one therapy during […]

How to ‘Man Up’ in Mental Health

Being a 6’7 ex pro-athlete and on and off model, I have felt the full effects of society putting me into a box. “You are too tall to have problems in life.” “You are too good-looking to be depressed.” “Man, you are living the dream.” “I’d do anything to be you.” I was the epitome […]