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Adult Webcam Experience Company ImLive Partners with Pineapple Support

ImLive Joins Forces with Pineapple Support to Provide Mental Health Services to Workers in the Online Adult Industry ImLive.com, a site that offers the largest variety of adult webcam experiences, announced today a partnership with Pineapple Support, a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry. Together, the two […]

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Have you ever wondered what group therapy is, or what the point of group treatment would be for you? Depending on the issue, joining a group can be a helpful choice for making positive life changes. Group therapy is a form of therapy where a small, selected group of people meet with a therapist, usually […]

Protect Your Pineapples – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Whatever size fruit you have in your basket – Remember to perform a self-exam once a month. October is breast cancer awareness month, that doesn’t just mean turning half your wardrobe pink, changing your company logo (oh the irony) and proudly pinning a pink ribbon to every outfit. Breast cancer awareness is about remembering to […]

Virtual Wellness Event For Adult Performers In The UK

Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health non-profit, together with sponsors AdultWork and AWSummit, will be holding an online wellness event specifically aimed at the adult industry in the UK. The three-day event, which will be held from September 23-25, will include live workshops and interactive webinars from Pineapple Support therapists, as well activities […]

Safety First

Unless you are one of the very few people in the adult industry to be known by your real name, ensuring the safety of your identity is a crucial part of your life. Trusting relative strangers can result in horrendous consequences for not just yourself but also your family! It has been announced recently that […]

Should you share your Life on Social Media?

Reaching out and providing support at anytime is important but even more so now. Working from home has never felt so isolating and for most of us, admitting we are lonely and perhaps need help is one of the last things on our mind. For some unknown reason, that feeling of self-worth gets all screwed […]

Pineapple Support To Provide Suicide Prevention Training Presentation

Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health resource, will host a free Suicide Prevention training presentation to help those in the adult industry to better understand the mental health issues that lead to suicide, including how to identify potential signs and the steps that can be taken to prevent suicide. The sex-positive training presentation, […]

Psychotherapy vs Coaching

There are so many types of mental health professionals that it is hard to keep them all straight: counselors, psychotherapists, clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, and counseling psychologists. For simplicity we will refer to the above as therapists. Therapists’ treatments are greatly varied too: cognitive behavioral, psychoanalytic, interpersonal, EMDR, to name a few. What they […]

Privacy At Pineapple

I’ve heard from a number of people recently asking about patient privacy at Pineapple Support. As a performer myself, as well as someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, I understand the stigma associated with treatment and take privacy incredibly personally.  At Pineapple Support, all patient information is kept entirely confidential. Any information provided […]