TransErotica Joins Pineapple Support as a Sponsor

Pineapple Support announced they are welcoming TransErotica as a supporter-level sponsor, joining over 50 adult businesses and organizations in committing funds and resources to the organization.

“In my 20 years in the business we have witnessed a multitude of unique challenges specific to trans performers,” TransErotica CEO JC Baumgartner said. “Knowing there is an organization in Pineapple Support that is accessible for them is a true lifesaver.”

“We at TransErotica are proud to get behind this organization with our support,” Baumgartner added.

Pineapple Support’s founder Leya Tanit explained that “providing sex-worker-aware and culturally competent mental health care for trans performers is only possible because of the support of generous sponsors like TransErotica.”

“I’m incredibly thankful to TransErotica and all of our other sponsors that help us to keep doing the valuable work that we do,” Tanit added.

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States and a registered charity in the U.K. Click here for sponsorship details.

Visit and follow the group on Twitter.

Adult Webcam Experience Company ImLive Partners with Pineapple Support

ImLive Joins Forces with Pineapple Support to Provide Mental Health Services to Workers in the Online Adult Industry, a site that offers the largest variety of adult webcam experiences, announced today a partnership with Pineapple Support, a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry. Together, the two organizations are setting out to make sure that online sex workers have access to mental health services.

“Now more than ever, it is important for all of us to be aware of our mental health and take the necessary care. By partnering with Pineapple Support, we are making sure that not just ImLive hosts, but performers all across the industry have access to the best mental health services whenever they may need them,” said Adrian Stoneman, VP of Business for ImLive. “We are consistently looking for ways to give back to the community, and this partnership will go a long way in helping those in our ImLive family and beyond.”

Pineapple Support was founded by British performer Leya Tanit in 2018, after a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illnesses. The organization, which is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in the United States and a registered charity in the UK, has so far connected over 1500 adult performers to mental health services, including free and low-cost, therapy, counseling and emotional support.

“We are incredibly grateful to ImLive for their support,” says Tanit. “Their generosity makes a huge difference to the lives of cam performers, as well as the overall strength of our industry. We’ve tripled our spend on therapy already due to COVID-19, and with industry leaders like ImLive behind us, we’re able to continue our mission to support the mental health and well-being of sex workers around the world.”

ImLive operates with approximately 85 million members and hosts in 100+ countries spanning every continent. Users have spent over $1 billion and more than half a million models have broadcast on the platform over the site’s history. The company’s diverse roster of cam models are passionate and committed to providing the best webcam experience possible, and as a result, the leading cam chat arena has pioneered some of the ultimate innovations in the space. Such innovations include the introduction of a remote device in 2005 that allowed users to control vibrators on the host side, as well as being the first cam site in 2016 to integrate technology of immediate cash outs where hosts can withdraw their earnings immediately after a session has ended.

ImLive has been in the news recently with the launch of several new campaigns, including around its “18th Birthday Wish-a-Thon,” for which it granted 18 wishes from host, members and the general public – one for each year it has been in business. Some of those granted already include initiatives that raised funds to plant trees across the world and help save the endangered Scrotum Frog of Lake Titicaca.

Team Skeet Partners With Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support has welcomed its newest sponsor, Team Skeet, at the Partner level. The adult paysite joins nearly 40 other adult companies in committing funds and resources to the mental health organization.

“Pineapple Support offers much needed mental health services to our community of performers and producers,” said Team Skeet’s Salima S. “As such, it is an honor to sponsor this program which supports our total well-being. In addition to our contribution, I would like to thank the founders for putting this organization together.”

The support provided by Team Skeet and other partners helps to provide free and low-cost therapy to adult performers and producers throughout the world, and fund workshops, outreach and other services.

Pineapple Support was founded in 2018 by British performer Leya Tanit, after a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illnesses. It has connected over 700 adult performers to mental health services, including free and low-cost therapy, counseling and emotional support.

“Team Skeet’s support means so much to our organization,” Tanit said. “I’m humbled by the generosity of our industry in helping to sustain and grow Pineapple Support. Each tax-deductible donation we receive allows us to reach even more performers with mental health services and emotional support — something especially needed this time of year.”

For more information, visit Pineapple Support online and on Twitter. Joins Pineapple Support as Sponsor

LOS ANGELES — has joined Pineapple Support at the Partner level, joining over four-dozen adult companies to commit funds and resources to help the organization provide mental health resources to performers and other adult industry members.

“We have all read the sad news of the past few years,” said’s Sascha E. “Each of these cases had touched me deeply. When I got to know Leya and her team and saw firsthand the passion with which they wanted to help our industry, it was immediately clear to me that we would support them.” describes itself as “a market leader in adult VOD and retail in Europe.” Founded over fifteen years ago as, Erotik boasts of “one of the most extensive libraries in Europe.”

“We are thrilled to have the support of,” said Leya Tanit, President of Pineapple Support. “With industry leaders like behind us, we’re able to continue our mission to support the mental health and well-being of sex workers around the world.”

Tanit founded Pineapple Support in 2018 after several high-profile losses in the adult community from depression and mental illness. The organization has connected over 500 performers to mental health services.

For the latest updates, follow Tanit and Pineapple Support on Twitter. To Help Fund Pineapple Support With Stormy Daniels

Porn Discounts has committed to donating $1 from each membership sale from their Stormy Daniels email campaign “Make America Cum Again” to Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health resource.

“The work that Pineapple Support does for our performers really aims to make the adult industry great again, so we could think of no better way to support them then by tying it to our “MACA” campaign.” says Porn Discounts co-founder V_RocKs.

To join in and do your part all you have to do is send an email to and they will reply with five deals that will save you a bundle of money! Plus, for each sale made through this email campaign, Porn Discounts will donate $1 each to Pineapple Support and the K9’s for Warriors charity — two of Stormy’s favorite charities.

Pineapple Support was launched in 2018 by Leya Tanit, in response to a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illnesses. The organisation, which is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in the United State and a registered charity in the UK, has so far connected nearly five hundred adult performers to mental health services; including free and low-cost, therapy, counseling and emotional support.

“Porn Discounts has been incredibly supportive of the work we do at Pineapple Support, and has found an inventive, clever way to raise funds for the work we do in the community,” says Leya Tanit, founder of Pineapple Support. “The initiative adult companies have shown for helping further the work we do is staggering. We thank Porn Discounts joining the fight for improved performer well-being.”

JustFor.Fans Launches Charitable Giving Program

Today, fast-growing fan site JustFor.Fans is breaking new ground in adult entertainment by ushering in an era of “Ethical Spending” in porn. The site has launched its JFF Charitable Giving program, in which models can opt to donate a percentage of their incomes to specific charities that have agreed to work with JFF. Models’ profiles will list what percentages they are giving to which charities, and users can browse models based on who is giving to charity.

JFF creator Dominic Ford says, “We believe that ‘Ethical Spending,’ in which consumers want to know where their money is going (and base their spending on this), should be expanded to the adult industry, where it currently is not. We are proud to be the first adult company to institutionalize charitable giving as part of the DNA of our platform, and our community.

JustFor.Fans is a community, and part of being a community is giving back to those less fortunate. We have tried to find national charities that represent our various sub-communities, and we aren’t done looking for more. Currently, our charities cover SESTA/FOSTA fights for sex workers, mental health for sex workers, and the Trans Life Line for the trans community. We are actively looking for other charities in the areas of women’s health and LBGT issues to help round out our initial round of charities. It’s hard to find charities that will work with a porn site. As more charities come on board, we will add them to the site so our models can have an even larger choice of where to donate their money.”

The program is launching with 4 organizations:

The Free Speech Coalition, the nation trade organization for the adult industry
Pineapple Support, which provides mental health support for the adult industry
Trans Lifeline, which connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. Their peer hotline cares for trans people through moments of crisis and suicidality and their Microgrants program provides low-barrier grants to trans people in need of legal name changes and updated government IDs.
Woodhull Freedom Foundation, which is the leading fighter of SESTA/FOSTA.

“We are proud to partner with JustFor.Fans. It is so exciting to have a platform that empowers fans and performers to support communities that are meaningful to them. Crowdsourced fundraising opportunities like this are absolutely vital to power our work connecting trans people to the community, support and resources they need to survive and thrive,” says Elena Rose Vera, Executive Director of Tran Lifeline.

“We’re incredibly grateful for support from JustFor.Fans and the performers on its platform. Fixing the crisis of mental health doesn’t come from financial contributions alone, but by building a broader, more inclusive support network. JustFor.Fans innovative charitable giving program provides both, not only helping us get the needed funds to provide services, but also by spreading awareness to the performers, empowering them become part of the solution. Thanks to platforms like JustFor.Fans, performers have more independence and control than ever before — but it also means we need to increase our efforts to foster connection. Their charitable giving program reflects JustFor.Fans commitment to performers, and in making sure that while we may be separated by distance, we are never alone. We are immensely proud that they have chosen us to be one of the first beneficiaries of this program,” says Leya Tanit, Founder and President of Pineapple Support.

Erika Lust Films Joins Pineapple Support as Sponsor

Pineapple Support has announced Erika Lust Films as its newest sponsor.

Erika Lust joins PornHub, ModelHub, xHamster,, Clips4Sale, Gamma Films, Chaturbate and other major adult companies in committing funds and resources to the organization.

“Here at Erika Lust Films we have the utmost respect for adult performers and sex workers,” said founder Erika Lust. “Our work would not be possible without them! We understand how difficult it can be to work under a heavy stigma, which is why accessing emotional support and mental health services can be vital. We believe that we need to help each other and create support networks within the industry, that’s why we’ve chosen to be official Supporters of Pineapple Support.”

Pineapple Support was launched in 2018 by British performer Leya Tanit and has since connected more than 100 adult performers to mental health services including free and low-cost therapy, counseling and emotional support.

“Erika Lust has been an important voice for the rights of performers for many years,” commented Tanit. “We’re thrilled to have her company’s support in the effort to bring low and no-cost mental health care to adult performers.”

Pineapple Support is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the U.S., and a registered charity in the U.K., so donations may be tax-deductible.

For more information, click here.