Dealing with Stress and Anxiety: What to Look for and How to Cope

Dealing with stress and anxiety is something that we all go through. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand the signs, and learn some useful coping strategies.

Identifying the Signs:

In our unique industry, stress and anxiety can manifest in various ways. Just like any other artists, content creators have emotional, behavioral, and physical signs that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s take a closer look at the signals that might resonate with those in the adult content creation realm.

Emotional Signs:

– Feeling irritable
– Overwhelmed
– Anxious, nervous, or worried
– Racing thoughts and difficulty switching off
– Disinterest in usually pleasurable activities
– Feeling lonely and isolated

Behavioral Signs:

– Difficulty in decision-making
– Avoidance behavior
– Nail-biting or skin picking
– Changes in appetite
– Self-medicating with substances
– Restlessness, difficulty concentrating
– Frequent tearfulness

Physical Signs:

– Unusual breathing or hyperventilating
– Panic or anxiety attacks
– Blurred vision, sore eyes
– Changes in libido
– Fatigue or lethargy
– Teeth grinding or jaw clenching
– Headaches or migraines
– Feeling sick, dizzy, or lightheaded


Coping Strategies for everyday life:

Now that we’ve identified the signs of stress and anxiety, let’s talk about some tailored coping strategies for adult content creators. These are your reliable allies, always ready to support you whenever life gets challenging.

1. Self-Care:

Start with self-care basics. A nutritious diet, ample sleep, and minimizing substances like smoking and alcohol can be transformative. Incorporate exercise into your routine – it’s not just beneficial for your physical health but also a great stress-reliever. Even a simple walk can clear the mind and boost those feel-good endorphins.

2. Unapologetic Self-Care:

Yes, so important we’ve listed it twice! Take unapologetic breaks for yourself. Whether it’s a long soak in the bath or a cozy duvet day with your favorite shows, prioritize self-indulgence when stress knocks at your door. Even the simplest things can feel therapeutic.

3. Connect with Your Community:

Your support network within the industry is priceless. Whether it’s fellow creators, industry friends, or mentors, don’t hesitate to share your concerns. Connecting with those who understand the unique challenges of the industry can be immensely comforting. Talking about your experiences can make you feel lighter.

4. Creative Expression Release:

Sometimes, you just need a good release. Express your stress through your work or channel it into physical activities like dancing, yoga, or even a fitness class. Use your creativity as a tool for mental liberation.

5. Mindful Breaks:

Pause and breathe. Incorporate mindfulness into your routine to focus on your internal experience rather than external distractions. Being non-judgmental about your feelings can help make sense of challenges.

6. Understanding What’s in Your Control:

Acknowledge what you can and cannot control in your creative journey. Understand your power and the realistic impact you can have on your circumstances. Organize your projects, make lists, and break down hurdles into manageable tasks.

You are one of a kind and your experiences with stress and anxiety are just as unique

In the world of adult content creation, stress and anxiety can be part of the creative process. Use this checklist to regularly assess your mental well-being. Regular self-assessment is the key to maintaining a healthy mental balance. Here’s to identifying, acknowledging, and conquering stress with creativity and resilience!

If you feel like you need support, you can apply for subsidized therapy with Pineapple Support here.


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Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Remaining calm under pressure can be challenging, but it’s a valuable skill that can be developed with practice. Here are some strategies to help you stay calm in high-pressure situations:

Recognize and accept your emotions: It’s normal to feel anxious or stressed in high-pressure situations. Acknowledge your emotions and accept them without judgment. Remember that it’s okay to feel this way, and it doesn’t mean you’re incapable or weak.

Take deep breaths: Deep breathing is a simple yet effective technique to calm your mind and body. Slowly inhale through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Focus on your breath and repeat this several times until you feel more centred.

Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness involves staying present and aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the present moment. When you feel pressure building up, take a moment to observe your thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them. This can help you maintain a sense of calm and perspective.

Challenge negative thoughts: High-pressure situations can trigger negative thoughts and self-doubt. Challenge these thoughts by questioning their accuracy and replacing them with more positive and realistic ones. Remind yourself of your capabilities and past successes.

Break it down: When faced with a daunting task or a high-pressure situation, break it down into smaller, manageable steps. Focus on one step at a time, rather than becoming overwhelmed by the entire situation. This approach can help you stay focused and reduce anxiety.

Prepare and practice: Preparation is key to handling pressure effectively. Whether it’s a presentation, an interview, or a challenging task, make sure you are well-prepared. Practice beforehand, visualize yourself performing successfully, and rehearse your responses. The more familiar you are with the situation, the more confident you’ll feel.

Utilize positive self-talk: Use positive affirmations and self-talk to boost your confidence and maintain a calm mindset. Remind yourself of your strengths, previous accomplishments, and your ability to handle challenging situations. Replace negative self-talk with encouraging and supportive statements.

Seek support: Don’t hesitate to reach out for support when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Talk to a trusted friend, family member, or mentor who can provide guidance, encouragement, or a fresh perspective. Sometimes, simply expressing your concerns can help relieve some of the pressure.

Take care of yourself: Prioritize self-care, especially during stressful periods. Get enough sleep, eat nourishing meals, engage in physical activity, and make time for activities that help you relax and recharge. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being will improve your resilience and ability to handle pressure.

Remember, staying calm under pressure is a skill that develops over time. Be patient with yourself and practice these strategies consistently. With time and effort, you can become better at maintaining your composure in high-pressure situations. Helping yourself to remain calm usually means others will respond better.


Pineapple Support offers numerous workshops to help you deal with the pressures of work and life in general. Don’t leave it until you are drowning in problems or feel like you are going to explode. Take time out to help yourself.


15 Things to do to Prevent Burnout as a Sex Worker

Because I’m burnt out…
By Miss Mae Ling

In any aspect of life, we must ask ourselves – “what is the goal? Why do we do it?” Some may enter into the sex work industry thinking it’s quick money and must work hard before the age starts to show. But by doing so, you are aging yourself a lot quicker and burning that spark inside of you until you retire early just to come back to it once again once you’ve had a break. Like an unhealthy relationship where you break up, get back together, break up again and so forth. Let’s make the relationship you have with yourself and your work a healthy one. To last long in this industry (yes, you can!), sex workers may prioritize and consider a few things.

1. Prioritize self-care like a sex worker cares
As part of the work, you care about everything and everyone else. Even if you are a femdom, you care about your submissives even when it’s supposed to be about your pleasure! You take photos of your time relaxing at the spa and are technically still working. When was the last time you did something for yourself that you didn’t monetize on? That you didn’t think about how it would affect your work? Make time for your own self-care. Be selfish. You do you – so that you can continue to do everyone else.

2. Exercise like a sexy sex worker
This isn’t just a thing that you do to keep your body smoking hot for work. No, this is for you. Working out, decreases levels of stress and releases endorphins. Feel good, look good and have the strength to kick ass at the things that you do best. It’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine with all the travels or strange occurrences that life throws at you, but remember this is time for you to get into a flow state. Out of your head and into your body. Really feel yourself – you sexy beast.

3. Eat healthy like a sex worker putting something in their mouth
Negative spirals really can take a toll you. Starts off with feeling shitty, eating shitty foods, to break outs on your face due to shitty food, feeling sad because that money making face is now no longer flawless, add on the make up to cover it up just to be in front of a camera – but there is never any make up good enough or any amount that will ever cover up the truth behind it. Your personality, your face shows it all. Go ahead, fake it. Everyone else who is a fan, who knows you, will see right through it. Eat well, feel good. You put so many different things into your body as is, let’s put something that truly nourishes you and makes you glow from the inside out.

4. Sleep like a sex worker after good sex
Sleep is the all-powerful healing goodness that we all know and love. As a sex worker, you work for yourself. You are an entrepreneur; you make your own hours. So fuck that alarm in the ass – it doesn’t need to make a sound. You’re busy with a spicy hot dream date. Not only are you refreshed but you also got some really good creative content. Thanks subconscious!

5. Shift your money perspective – long term money like a successful sex worker
You think the money is quick and good and so you work yourself so much that you burn out. If you actually think of it, by burning yourself out quickly, you are affecting your long term money. The money you could be making later down the line is now dried up because you aren’t at your best. Yes, people can tell when you are not at your best. They are coming to you as an escape and if the escape isn’t the best one yet – they will easily find another available escape that will blow their minds.

6. Saying no – deny like the sexiest sex worker dominant
There is so much power in saying no. By saying no to the client that drains your energy you are reserving it for yourself and the correct connection. By being picky and selective with whom you share yourself with – you not only create an exclusive brand but you also feel good about the people you do spend time with. They don’t drain you emotionally and you are at your best to drain them. No, that message doesn’t need to be responded to immediately. No, you don’t need to take that appointment. No, you don’t need to go online. These are all things you should want to do because you enjoy to do it with the people there. Not because you have to.

7. Ask for help –
As a provider you may feel as though you are the badass bitch that takes on so much. You continually give your time, your energy, you. You are a business though. What is a business if you do not expand and ask for help? It could even be the simplest of things such as cooking, cleaning or more elaborate like editing clips. If you are feeling like there is an aspect of your life that requires more energy, find help to ease it. When that is easier you can focus more on the other things that you truly enjoy.

8. Eliminate unnecessary work
Let’s make a list of all the things you are doing right now. Yes, including all the little things like posting to Twitter to checking emails for bookings. Now consider how often you do it. You say you do these things for work, but they’re just bad habits that break up your work day. Nobody needs to check their emails 10 times a day. That tweet you wanted to post, now lead to a 30-minute hole of you scrolling through your feed. You can be quite productive if you think slower and ask yourself: “why am I doing this?” That’ll lead you to eliminating little things, yes even that thing you do to track your productivity just so you feel good about yourself with checking off those boxes.

9. Take control of yourself – as your own sexy boss
Let’s revisit the reality that you are your own boss. Now let’s shift the perspective and take a look at you working for a boss that asks so much of you. You are working weekends, holidays, after hours in the middle of the night, in the middle of your dinner or lunch break. Would you continue to work for that company? Would you put up to the demands of that boss? Then why do you put up with your own shitty boss that is inside of your head?

10. Change environment to something that’ll inspire the sex
If you work for yourself, if you make your own schedule, do you change it up or do you feel as though you are stuck in your own hell hole of a cubicle that is your living room office? You are the creator of your own reality, so you can literally decide where you want to work…all the time. By changing your environment, you expose yourself to new inspirations, muses and connections. You constantly spice things up for others, spice up your surroundings for yourself.

11. Letting go of perfectionism – sex isn’t perfect
Nobody is a tougher critic than yourself. That image you work so hard to paint of yourself, the brand you are creating. Sure, it’s wonderful but by being so perfect you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself. By putting out what you can whenever you can, people can see your growth over time, follow your progress and celebrate your success. Realize, everyone starts somewhere. It may be difficult not to compare yourself to others, but nobody will be as good as you at being yourself.

12. Pursue passion – we all like passionate sex
Is this a passion of yours? Or is it something that you are doing currently to pay off school or something else? Keep that reason of why you are something at the forefront of your mind. When you pursue your passion, it shouldn’t be a dreaded work day but an excitement for what comes that day. Sex work isn’t your passion? Great, then don’t work yourself so hard that you burn yourself out for something that you didn’t even care for in the first place.

13. Hobby
Do you have a hobby outside of sex work? Something that has absolutely nothing to do with your work? Great, because you are not your work. The work doesn’t define you. You are a whole individual with other things in your life and work is just an avenue that allows you to live the life you dream of.

14. Take a vacation
You are your own boss. If you don’t advocate for your own vacation days, then who will?! Take as many as you’d like! The beauty of the work is that there will be work when you get back. As a sex worker, we do not get any sick days, maternity leave or holidays. So you have to create it for yourself. You’ve been focused on making all that money and what’s the point of money if you’re not going to enjoy any of it? After all, you deserve it bitch.

15. Be compassionate to yourself
Comparison is the biggest spirit killer. Seeing everyone else’s success is there to inspire you not make you self-doubt about your own skills and awesomeness. Be kind, even if you catch yourself doing any of the above things – it’s ok. You noticed it and now you know to how to pivot to a healthier relationship with yourself.
I wish for every sex worker to be successful and happy. There is so much money to go around, but play the game right so that you are able to continue making that money. When people say get a real job to sex workers…my mind is blown as they have no idea how much work sex workers actually do. We don’t have to prove anything to them. Do you and get that bag.

Miss Mae Ling is a Los Angeles based professional dominatrix. The high school cheerleader with the force of an Asian tiger mom. Her hobbies include ballet, yoga, circus training and traveling. You can find out more on her website

Sleep Glorious Sleep

With a busy schedule it is often very easy to forget about even the most basic method of self-care, sleep. Staying up late to meet deadlines, getting sucked into a new series on Netflix or just getting into a bad evening routine; missing out on much needed sleep can have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health.

The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours, with most people not needing any more than eight hours in bed to be well rested. Keeping a routine can be extremely beneficial, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, yes, this includes weekends. Being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and makes Monday mornings a lot less painful.

5 Reasons Why Getting Enough Sleep Is Important

1) Boosts Immune Function
Studies have shown that even a small loss of sleep can reduce your immune functions. People who sleep less than 7 hrs a night are nearly 3 times more likely to develop a cold than those who sleep 8 hrs or more.

2) Stay At A Healthy Weight
lack of sleep has been shown to disrupt the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones. As a result, when you are sleep deprived you are prone to having a bigger appetite and eating more calories.
A poor night’s sleep can also triggers markers of inflammation in your body and cell damage.

3) Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease
Studies have shown that people who do not get enough sleep are far more likely to experience heart issues than those individuals who get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night.

4) Improved Concentration & Bain Activity
A good night of sleep can maximize concentration, problem solving skills and productivity, while poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function. A short night of sleep can negatively impact some aspects of your brain function to the same degree as alcohol intoxication.

5) Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mood
Sleep and mood are closely connected; poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. During a study subjects who were limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep a night for one week reported feeling more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted.

Getting enough sleep isn’t only about total hours of sleep. It’s also important to get good-quality sleep on a regular schedule so you feel rested when you wake up.
If you often have trouble sleeping — or if you often still feel tired after sleeping — talk with your doctor.

Pineapple Support to Host Online Course on Managing Stress

Pineapple Support will host a free eight-week course, moderated by therapist Sophie Graham, designed to help performers mitigate stress by managing their emotions.

The online course will begin Monday, January 11 and run for two hours, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (PST), each week at the same time until March 1. Graham will focus on DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) techniques.

“Out-of-control emotions can make it hard to maintain friendships, romantic relationships and can even jeopardise our careers,” Graham said. “Without the skills we need to cope with difficult emotions, it’s impossible to deal effectively with stressful or distressing situations that inevitably come up in our lives. This course will teach how to recognise, understand and regulate emotions to have more choices when it comes to managing day-to-day stressors and distressing events.”

Pineapple Support Founder Leya Tanit described Graham as “a disabled, queer coach and therapist working primarily with marginalised individuals and groups.”

Graham is “experienced in helping others feel more able to manage the challenges in their lives in their own way,” said Tanit. “This course is going to be incredibly useful for anyone in the industry that is interested in managing stress in a healthier and more effective way.”

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States and a registered charity in the U.K.

Visit to register for the course and follow the org on Twitter for the latest updates.