Pineapple Support, Stripchat to Host Support Group to Help Resolve Sexual Compulsivity

Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health nonprofit, will host a free, online support group with a focus on helping performers and adult industry professionals to resolve sexual compulsivity, sponsored by Stripchat. The six-week support group, “Resolving Sexual Compulsivity” will be led by Pineapple therapist Silva Neves and will start on Thursday, June 9th at 2pm EST.

“Compulsive sexual behaviors are often misunderstood, yet many people struggle with problematic sexual behaviors that feel out of control, causing problems in their lives,” says licensed therapist Silva Neves. “This unique therapeutic group will help you become erotically aware. Rather than focusing on trying to stop behaviors, our main goal is to help you understand your erotic mind and help you to integrate it into your life in a functional way. Sexual compulsivity does not survive when there is meaningful erotic awareness!”

“Sexual compulsivity does not survive when there is meaningful erotic awareness!”

Pineapple Support was founded by British performer Leya Tanit in 2018, after a string of losses in the adult industry from depression and other mental illnesses. The organization, which is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States, has so far connected over 5,000 adult performers to mental health services, including free and low-cost, therapy, counseling, and emotional support.

“We are a very sexual community,” says Tanit. “Silva’s therapeutic work is crucial for people who are trying to understand their own sexual behavior in a holistic way. Thanks to Striptchat, we have a unique opportunity to talk frankly about our sexuality, and make sure it’s always serving us and meeting our needs.”

Pineapple Support’s “Navigating Relationships” online support group begins on Thursday, June 9th at 2pm EST, and continues weekly for six weeks. For more information about this support group and to reserve a place, visit