Pineapple Support to Host ‘Family Conflict’ Support Group

Pineapple Support will provide a free, online, six-week support group with a focus on family conflict led by counselor Steven Mollura, LPC, LMHC, beginning Tuesday, July 6 at 1 p.m. (PDT).

The series will focus on “the unique stressors related to adult entertainment on performers and family members,” says Mollura. “We provide a safe place to explore the characteristics of healthy family relationships, appropriate assertiveness with family members and the hidden dynamics that shape your life.”

Pineapple Support founder Leya Tanit explained that Mollura “is a kink-aware counselor that helps individuals gain insight into the meaning of their lives as well as address the unknown or unconscious factors affecting thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs. We’re very excited to have such a talented counselor leading this support group to help equip performers with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively deal with family conflict.”

The “Family Conflict and Support” support group will take place online each Tuesday at the same time until August 10.

For more information, visit Pineapple Support online and on Twitter.