Pineapple Support, FSC to Host Webinar on Suicide Prevention

Pineapple Support will host a free webinar sponsored by Free Speech Coalition (FSC), titled “Suicide Prevention: Awareness, Education, and Strategies to Reduce Risk,” on Friday at 12 p.m. (PDT).

The webinar — discussing suicidality and suicide prevention, with a focus on harm reduction — will be led by licensed social worker Sarah Kelleher.

“This webinar will explore education and awareness surrounding suicide and prevention, as well as strategies to help you and loved ones cope and reduce risk,” Kelleher explained. “Together, we’ll explore the current language and tactics surrounding suicide and how prevention can look during a pandemic, when our go-to community and services may be on hold.”

“It’s important to note that this webinar discusses themes that some listeners may find upsetting,” she added.

Michelle LeBlanc, CEO of FSC said, “The past few months have been stressful for many in our industry, and everyone should be aware of the warning signs of someone in crisis. Over the past few years, FSC has worked hard to build up resources for performers and creators through our Inspire Program.”

“As part of that, it’s essential that we also support the crucial work Pineapple Support is doing to provide mental health resources for our community,” LeBlanc added.

“The adult industry has suffered a number of tragic losses recently,” Pineapple Support Founder Leya Tanit said. “Education and awareness are both vital tools in helping us to protect performers, while we equip ourselves with strategies that can help to prevent future losses in our industry.”

Kelleher is “a licensed social worker, passionate about topics focused on destigmatizing sexuality, sexual and erotic labor, with experience working with clients with a history of trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use,” Tanit added. “I can say with confidence that our participants will find this webinar incredibly useful.”