FSC Joins Pineapple Support as a Partner-Level Sponsor

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has joined over 50 adult businesses and organizations in committing funds and resources to Pineapple Support.

“As the trade association for the adult industry, it’s critical that we lift up other nonprofits with our support,” FSC Executive Director Michelle L. LeBlanc said. “In just a few years, Pineapple Support has done what so many promised to do — built a real, reliable resource for therapy and support for sex workers. We’re proud to sponsor them, and look forward to helping any way we can in this especially challenging time.”

Leya Tanit, founder of Pineapple Support, welcomed the boost.

“The generosity of FSC and the continued support of the team is invaluable to our organization,” she said. “The FSC plays an incredibly important role in the continued wellbeing of not just individual performers but they also contribute to the improved health of our entire industry.”

“Our spending on therapy has tripled due to performers affected by COVID, so the support of all of our partners is crucial right now,” Tanit added.

A rep noted the commitment from FSC and other sponsors will help Pineapple Support to provide free and low-cost therapy, counseling and emotional support to models, performers, producers and workers in the sex industry throughout the world.

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States and a registered charity in the U.K. Click here for sponsorship details. Visit and follow the group on Twitter.