Ariel Anderssen Joins Pineapple Support as a Sponsor

BDSM model and producer Ariel Anderssen has joined over 60 adult businesses and organizations in committing funds and resources to Pineapple Support.

“As a BDSM filmmaker, I have many friends and peers who’ve delayed getting support for their mental health, because of the discrimination they anticipate facing if they tell a therapist about their career choices,” Anderssen said. “The safety-from-stigma that Pineapple Support represents seems immensely valuable to me.”

The group, founded in 2018 by Leya Tanit, has so far connected over 5,000 adult performers and industry members to mental health services, including free and low-cost, therapy, counseling and emotional support.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ariel Anderssen as a supporter of our organization,” Tanit said. “Generous contributors like Ariel help us to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and help send a message to our industry that seeking support is encouraged. I’m incredibly grateful to all of our generous sponsors that enable us to continue providing mental health services and emotional support to performers all around the world.”

Pineapple Support is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States; click here for sponsorship details.