Therapy Policies and Procedures


Eligibility Requirements
Clients must complete a therapist request form to be considered for a Pineapple Support therapy or counselling referral.
2. Clients must be currently active or have been active in the adult industry within the past six (6) months and have been performing or producing for a minimum of 6 months and be able to provide proof of this.
3. Clients must agree to the Pineapple Support therapy policies and procedures and the Website Terms-of-Use Agreement by ticking the agreement box at the time of application.
4. Clients must have an email account at which they may receive information, notices and requests from Pineapple Support staff.
5. Clients must have access to the internet in order to receive online video therapy.
6. Clients understand that providers are independent contractors and are in no way employees of Pineapple Support. Pineapple Support’s role is limited to enabling the therapy or counseling with a provider in Pineapple Support’s network while the therapy or counseling is the responsibility of the providers who provide them. If client feels the therapy or counseling provided by the provider does not fit his/her needs or expectations, client may change to a different provider in the Pineapple Support network.

Authorization and Referral Process
1. Referrals to authorized Pineapple Support Providers are made based on multiple criteria, including but not limited to, a client’s specific request regarding location, gender of provider, provider’s experience with specific issues or problems of concern to a client, philosophical or spiritual preference of an applicant, current provider caseloads, and provider availability.

1. Upon being informed by a provider that a client has not been in contact with them for over 30 days, Pineapple Support will conduct wellness checks.

Initial Sessions and Co-Pays
1. Providers agree to discuss the client’s co-pay per session and the provider’s practice policies regarding payment of co-pays and missed or cancelled appointment fees.
2. Providers will collect the authorized co-pay amount from the client at the initial session and every session thereafter, unless other arrangements have been made with Pineapple Support staff.
3. Clients should be aware that Pineapple Support is not responsible for any missed appointment fees or unpaid co-pays, even if the missed appointment is the initial intake. Therefore, clients should be aware of and follow their provider’s practice policies with regards to payment.
4. Pineapple Support will not pay for any missed or cancelled appointments. At the provider’s discretion and in accordance with the provider’s established practice policy, as discussed with the client during the initial session, providers may bill the client for the entire cost of a missed or cancelled appointment at the applicable rate.

Grievance Process
1. Clients will share any concerns and grievances with providers and expect reasonable efforts and actions to achieve resolution.
2. Pineapple Support Staff will use the following process when a grievance has been presented about a provider:
a. Pineapple Support will contact the provider to obtain the provider’s version of events.
b. If the grievance is reportable, Pineapple Support will encourage the complaining client to file a formal complaint with the appropriate licensing board of the provider. If the client is unwilling to do so, Pineapple Support will file the complaint.

Termination of Services from Provider
1. If after the termination of the relationship between the provider and client, the client wants to see another provider, Pineapple Support staff will contact the client within 30 days to arrange an alternate service provider.
2. Providers will adhere to the ethical standards of their discipline and licensing board when terminating a client, ensuring that the client is notified in writing, provided with referrals where appropriate, and, where, appropriate, offering the client 30 days of continued treatment during transition to another provider.
3. Providers will clearly document reasons for termination and efforts made to notify the client.

Termination of Services with Pineapple Support
1. Clients may discontinue their relationship with Pineapple Support at any time, without explanation, by notifying Pineapple Support via email, mail, or phone.
2. Pineapple Support may discontinue the relationship with a Client for failure to adhere to these Policies and Procedures.
Release and Limitation of Liability
1. Client hereby releases Pineapple Support and agrees to hold Pineapple Support harmless from all causes of action and claims of any nature resulting from the therapy or counseling, including any act, omission, opinion, response, advice, suggestion, information, or service of any provider.
2. Client acknowledges that Pineapple Support will not be liable to client or any third party for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages.